Monthly Archives: October 2006

Toronto International Hip-Hop Summit



On October 28th celebrities came out for Chrysler Financial and HSANà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s Toronto Hip-Hop Summit in Canada. celebs in attendance included Lil X, Russell Simmons, MC Lyte, Remy Ma , Lil Mo and Chris Brown, attended the 1st International Toronto Hip-Hop Summit on Financial Empowerment. Lil mom Looks different it must be that not so fly wig she has on, Remy looks decent for once, damn this is the first time i am seeing lil x with a hat plus he is in a suit.


Jay-z On The Cover Of XXL Magazine


Jay-Z has laughed off rumors he is planning to leave “Def Jam Records,” insisting he will remain president of the label until 2008.  Jay took the post in January of 2005, signing a three-year contract at the label.  He says, “Everything is good, I know there’s been some rumors I was leaving “Def Jam” but I’m not leaving, I signed on for three years, so I don’t have plans to move on.  “I love working with Antonio “L.A.” Reid.  I love working with Steve Baretel, I love “Universal” chairman and CEO, Doug Morris.  “I’ll do whatever, if it’s consulting, whatever it is but I don’t have any plans to go anywhere any time soon.”