Christina And Dre Relationship Is Over

Rumor has it that Dre and Christina milian is no more, I guess the Miami La Vibe just isnà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t working no more. Word has it that Christina has moved on to Hollywood whore Wilder Valderama who has dated both Ashley Simpson and Lindsey lohan.

Upadate on the Christina and dre breakup

Christina has posted this message on myspace making it clear that she and dre are still together and that she isnt dating Wlmar.

Just saying “Hola” and I wanna clear something up…I am NOT dating Wilmer V. I am still in my AMAZING relationship with Dre and have been with him and him ONLY since the day we began dating. Sorry to burst the rumor bubble but I have alot of respect for my relationship and that will never change. :) Wilmer is a very nice guy and I respect him on a professional level as a fellow Actor, Latino & friend….but nope, it aint true! :) Myspace

18 thoughts on “Christina And Dre Relationship Is Over

  1. Ro Absalom from Chicago

    That’s the least of her problems, she needs to start filling out applications for a new job.

  2. rio gonzalez

    o im so upset they were so cute together now she got to take all those pics of of myspace but atleast now she getting hollywood money

  3. Peaches Post author

    Christina is mixing with young rich hollywood celebs so in no time the jobs will soon start rolling in.

  4. Georgia

    Peaches i just said damn because the RUMERS of their alleged break-up the hater’s rumers. I am glad they still together though,what a beautiful couple.

  5. Peaches Post author

    christina is a cuty, but i aint sure about that dude, only time will tell what kind of guy he really is.

  6. Georgia

    There a beautiful couple if she overlook is outside image he has to show for his self. That love must be strong how beautiful.

  7. summer

    so what if she has stretch marks which i highly doubt that is but anyway her and dre are cute together, i just hope he doesnt do her how nick cannon did her

  8. sushi

    I am mad that I read that nick cannon couldnt be faithful to her because their relationship was becoming too “christian”so I will take it that he rather have chicks with no morals… He is one dumb azz anyway. You know someone 4 months and buy them a 15k ring? he gets what he deserves Karma is a mother.

  9. jasmine

    christina and dre the both of u make a cute couple and but ya couple always break up the both of u will get back together i love the both of u just workin it out and plz get back together i one fan

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