Jacki-O, Remy Ma and Shawnna – Head Bi**hes In Charge


First official photos of Rap super group HBIC i.e. Jacki-O, Remy Ma, & Shawnna.

14 thoughts on “Jacki-O, Remy Ma and Shawnna – Head Bi**hes In Charge

  1. Izyah

    Has anyone Heard a Song From them Yet? ……….. Someone told me that had something floating around like “Where The Good Shit Aint” Any truth to that?

  2. Peaches Post author

    i cant wait to hear what the song like together, so far nothing has been made available.

  3. Peaches Post author

    they arent going to release any cd the group was disband before a cd was ever released.

  4. kill@

    yo, remy ma iz the illest i give her aot of respect becauz of the thingz she do like she said (she betta den most niggaz)

    Shawnna hot(no homo)

    Jackie o ma gurl she tough az hell

  5. ms KILO

    yall need tah hury and drop for real!! two of my favorite female rappers plus remy cumon now this is it! jacki o reppin that tre-o-five (dade all day, im born and raised) and sexy ms shawnna…..keep that gutta itsh up yall!

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