Kanye West and his Fiancée Alexis at Henri Bendel


Kanye West and his FiancÃÂ ©e Alexis at Henri Bende. Is it me or does Alexis always looks a bit grunge, I am not hating or anything I am just saying. For a well off woman she should put herself together a lot better.

8 thoughts on “Kanye West and his Fiancée Alexis at Henri Bendel

  1. Ms.mary mac mac mac

    Shes cute…they both got the same nose too…and that dress looks like a maternity dress….Is she pregnant?:roll:

  2. GrowUp=D

    All I have to say is, she’s a gorgeous woman. Kanye West doesn’t need some celebrity to make him happy. Don’t all of you above have anything better to do then come on websites and HATE on people? All of you have some serious growing up to do. :D

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