Kevin Liles Birthday Party


Ti, Jayz, Serena Williams, Ed lover, irv Gotti and Trey songs were all in attendance at Kevin Liles Birthday Party.


5 thoughts on “Kevin Liles Birthday Party

  1. ajee

    heyyyy..uncle kev how was ya pary.Where all ya pics at with you and my daddy
    well,i hope that you had fun. tell aunt sandy i said hi.:grin:love ya peace

  2. blackqueen

    kevin liles was on oprah today and he is an immature, childish, disrespectful black man who advocates rap music that degrades women and reinforces the ‘prison culture.’ he was blasted on oprah’s show by 1the former editor of essence, 2stanley crouch and many others in the black community who are tired of enablers like kevin liles who get rich off marketing/selling this trash they call ‘music.’ the worst part of it is, he was very condescending and had a rotten attitude. hardly what you’d call the consummate professional business mogul. you’ve got a long way to go mr. liles………..

  3. Lisa

    Hello Kevin, I have a conscious rapper for you. He reminds me of the old school rap that did not disrepsect people but rapped about Life and our World. Hey Ajee, love ya…Aunt Lisa

  4. yomomma

    hi kevin
    just want to say i had a great time at your party, hope you did too.
    love you always x..Mwah..x
    bye x

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