P Diddy And Kim Porter Twin Girls Part 2


If you didnà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t see the first official pictures of hip hop Mogul Sean combs twin girls Dà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢Lila Star and Jessie James here are a few more which were taken in the coupleà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s home in New Jersey. These lil girls are looking so much like the mommie, they look nothing like diddy who should be settle his ass down instead of running around town with sienna miller.


31 thoughts on “P Diddy And Kim Porter Twin Girls Part 2

  1. tashiba mccullum

    i think that the twins are gorgeous . i am expecting twins in march. Wow 5 pds wasd kinda big for twins. the only thing i don’t like is one of the babies names jeese james it doesn’t sound nice but hey it is different so more power to you guys and congratulations on your twin girls

  2. Peaches Post author

    Congratulation Tashiba on your expecting twins, i was thinking the same thing when i heard him naming her jessie James, such a name should be reserve for a lil bow.

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  4. kiera

    I think your babies are beautiful and they look like both mommy and daddy and I know that the two of you are goin to to be great parents

  5. sharon

    may you be blessed with the most prescious gift you have of all. i have have 3 babies myself and as you know amount of money can you them the love and happiness you have to offer them and most of all, they are a specail gift to you both and i hope they fill your life with more love and luck and luck and are protected from from the evil in the world. Enjoy them. You desreve it. good luck. i ‘m happy for you! y:mad:u have made me feel broody again only this time i’m a bit scared…. i hate the labour pain…… but its worth it…:lol::lol::lol:

  6. Keashu

    These two are beautiful! Sean and Kim look really happy with their girls. I am the mother of one daughter and she is the only child i could have. At the time I became pregnant I was 25 years of age. Everyone kept telling me that i needed to be married and all sorts of other things. Well, it is 8 years down the road and I am one of the happiest parents alive! More power to Sean and Kim! God has blessed them with two angels and for that I am sure they are both thankful and grateful!

  7. Sasha

    Awww these twins are soo beautiful… i guess diddy is happy cos he wanted to have girls to complete the prefect family seeing as he already got couple of boys… kim is gonna be a wonderful mother… i am expecting twins my self in august and looking at these two makes me want mines out quicker, they are ADORABLE…

  8. DEBRA



    I think Jessie and D’Lila are beautiful. It’s nice to see babies of color born into wealth for a change!!!! Congratulations Kim and Sean on your new babies, and good luck with your relationship!!!

  10. sexishortie

    :smile:awww dem 2 twins are beutiful god bless dem dang dey dnt look nuffin like diddy newayz congradulations kim n sean.

  11. Dimple

    Damn those babies are adorable, just like their daddy, I would like to give them some more bro. and sis…move out the way Kim!!!!

  12. L.K.T

    :razz::razz:Hello peepz im lkt and
    I think that the twins jessie and d-lila are so beautiful damn kim get the hell out of the way u are so ugly how on Earth did you get with the most famous man on earth p.diddy. move u fat cow lkts coming through.
    I love u jessie and d-lila mommys coming

  13. Nicole C

    The babies are sooooooo beautiful, P.Diddy and Kim I wish you guys the best of luck and much joy with your new double bundles of joy. God Bless

  14. tiffany

    Congrads! Your girls are so precious. I just gave birth to natural boy/girl twins back in Nov. and they are a handful. god bless, and happy sanity.

  15. NatillieMcCabe

    Oh My Gawddd (: ..
    Well How Beautiful Are Thoses Beautiful Little Girlss. Two Perfect Babies With
    Two Perfect Parents !! (=
    Lovee There Names So Pretty !

  16. shenika brown

    these twins are the world’s most beautiful creature,they are so beautiful.Ijust don’t know how to describe them because there is nothing that more beatiful than them.

  17. shenika brown

    the twins are the world’s most beautiful creature,they are so beautiful.I just don’t know how to describe them because there is nothing that more beautiful than them.

  18. jawalyn

    the babies are so cute that is a good look i am 11 and i say they are so cute to come from him no affence but that was a good look they have a head full of hair and they are so cute they do look like there mom

  19. jawalyn


    they are some cutttttttttttttiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeesssssssssss x2

  20. chantel brown

    :eek::lol::mad::sad::sad::neutral::shock:hey baby. im so happy the twins came and i love them like my own.now we can be together with the kids. you can call me at 9723747455. we can discuss whatever you like but just know that i miss you. by baby:razz::razz::razz::razz::roll::roll::wink::wink::cry::cry:

  21. Deeva

    You are a very beautiful couple and the babies are gorgeous! It’s nice to see babies, regardless of color, being born into wealth. And what’s with the complaints Mr. Diddy gets about being ‘street trash’? He’s got style and he ‘ain’t’ scraps. He’s worked his way up so his kids can go to great schools & live in a great area. If that makes you jealous, maybe you should look at him a little closer & instead of complaining, take some ques.

  22. loveth omk

    Those babies are cute and they the most wounderful parents in the world.pls diddy be grateful to God for giving you the best family ever.luv u babies

  23. loveth omo

    Diddy I pray that the birth of your twins babies bring you favour and joy in all your life endevor and pls always show them love.

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