The Game and his Fiancée Baby Shower


Image courtesy of OILT

The Game and his pregnant girlfriend, or should I say pregnant fiancÃÂ ©e Tiffany (who is a former substitute teacher) had a baby shower for their expecting bundle of joy. From all the blue clothing I guess the new baby will be a boy.


22 thoughts on “The Game and his Fiancée Baby Shower

  1. Peaches Post author

    i hope they can keep it together, knowing how fast the game is when it comes to women.

  2. sara

    They are not enaged! She is just ababy mama! He is sexy! too bad i can’t say the same for her

  3. emma

    whats with the beard?
    King Justice is already born but the baby momma isnt really hot.
    he is though.:smile:

  4. Tiffany johnston

    awwww she has my name lol
    thats so cool uns getten married hope it all goes well
    and the baby wel its goig to be the most gawjus baby ever
    casue its going to take afta its mum and dad
    good luck for it alll

  5. chris bws astronaut

    man the game has 1 kid lil harlem thats all and HE is not expecting any more so fALSE INFO

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