Rihanna leaves hotel Nurano and heads to NRJ radio in Paris


Allegedly Beyonce has signed on to do a Duet with Rival R&B singer Rihanna. The snitch claims that, Jay Z will also be featured on the song. We’re not sure yet whether it’ll be a new track or a [remix] of one from [Rihanna's new album] Good Girl Gone Bad.” The insider continues, “Everyone’s pretty excited about the collaboration. [Jay Z's] a genius for pulling this off.” And Jay Z deserves a lot of credit for getting the ladies to agree to the track. Now this sure as hell sounds like some bullshit to me I will believe it when I see it.


5 thoughts on “Rihanna leaves hotel Nurano and heads to NRJ radio in Paris

  1. maeva

    she’s putting on some fat on her bones
    girl’s travelling the world now!
    thanks 2 jay z
    little island girl from barbados her family must b proud.
    enjoy it while it last

  2. Peaches Post author

    rihanna is a business woman, she better get the work while the iron is hot.

  3. MERCY

    I love Rihanna for everything, despites all the gossip, I still love her,some people said that she copys beyonce Style, that is a very big lier, she wears B’s shoes, she dress like B, let me ask, B is she the only person that wears those shoes or cloths, did the company manufacture it only for her to wear, please people should stop making silly comment, I love Rihanna for all I care, I’m from Nigeria. How I wish I have RIHANNA’s Phone No. I would Call, and encourage her more, please my God will blessing you, Amen and Amen.

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