The 2007 Bet Awards Teen Edition


Omarion and his sidekick partner Bow wow were in attendance at the bet awards. I love the suit that Omarion is wearing but damn bow wow seems as if he couldn’t be bothered to make the effort. Chris brown was also in attendance, I am kinda baffled, I don’t understand what the heck Chris Brown is in or what point he is trying to prove, I am sorry boo but you need to drop those dorky glasses. Lil Fizz Also stopped by along with Lloyd and his mom, lil Wayne made an appearance with His Daughter and hot mess of the year lil mama was also there.


30 thoughts on “The 2007 Bet Awards Teen Edition

  1. lil ray

    I still think Bow wow and omarion look sexy but he could have woren something more ten just white like he was going to the beach or something

  2. lil ray

    Oh yeah and chris look like he was going to skoo or something but he still looks hot i like his style it makes him seam so sexxxxy :wink:

  3. Mrs. Carter

    :mrgreen:I think that my little step daughter Nae was just too cute she was cute as pie and her little outfit was speechless. Wayne is doing a wonderful job with raising her along with Toya and she is just too precious.

  4. SSPOT

    lil fizz legs are short bow wow is dumd omarion is hot chris brown is a big nerd lil wayne daughter fat lil mama look like bow wow n she looks a hot hot mess llyod look so gay n his mom is aight i guess

  5. Tonyette

    :grin: i love Chris Brown i dont care how he look in them glasses and Bow Wow and Omarion i love them too no matter how they look.

  6. Peaches Post author

    Omarion looks cute in his pink jacket. i dunno what the heck was up with chris that day.:roll:. LIl mama wasnt even trying with that outfit.

  7. sharon

    I love lil wanye only if he new i wont him now but im going to wait till im done with school so i can take care of him and we can do for each other!!!! ya dig im wifey cause if you see me you’ll love me to boo!!!!!!!!!!! lil wayne chick

  8. Queen B

    Lil Wayne,I lOve u!! keep doin your thang so u can keep these hatas busy, Oh and Chris Beezy you looks good in dem glasses boi.

  9. peaches

    omarion is cute and the other peaches need to kick rocks and go to hell because omarion is sexy to me and he can be my boo anyday so stop saying he’s gay

  10. geek

    nerds are in guys…
    including the nerdy glasses…
    chris brown looks awesome wearing those things!
    ( would look cooler ) lol

  11. young mo

    i love wezzz, mater of fact is ma dad laughsss, i’m from nigeria just last week i rapped his amilli nd i won the contest,i cherish his life style so much dat if we cant meet n d world wi’ll meet n heaven

  12. julez

    damn chris and bow wow and omarion are freakin sexy as hell!!! love the looks guys!!! but i love chris brown the most he’s the sexiest ofthem all!!!<33333

  13. +OO+i3 pooz

    Lil wayne does a ghud job wiff his daughter yea she is beatiful and he sure is fine his self umma big fan of him yea dhatz rite umma WAYNE DICKER not a stalker but n e wayz dhew ya thing n fucc hataz cuz as yooh see they already made yooh famous so keep up tha ghud work

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