TI Covers The August 2007 Issue Of Vibe Magazine


Ti is featured on the covers of the August issue of Vibe Magazine, and damn he is really looking so fine in these pictures he even look a little buff to me move over 50 cent TI is in the building.

ti-vibe-magazine-6.jpg ti-vibe-magazine-4.jpgti-vibe-magazine-5.jpg

2 thoughts on “TI Covers The August 2007 Issue Of Vibe Magazine

  1. V

    T.I.’s always trying to look hard so it’s a nice change to see him actually smiling.
    Also, he reminds me of Tyson Beckford in that 2nd photo.

  2. megan

    “OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love T.I. so much.I want to have his babies and be his wife.I would do him right everynight.He is so damn fine and I think he is the best rapper EVER!!!!! I love him and I need him”

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