T.I. Discusses Relationship with Tiny


T.I. discusses his relationship with the mother of his kids, Tameka Tiny Cottle, in the August issue of Vibe. The Atlanta rapper confirmed that in May that he and Cottle had broken up, but the couple have since gotten back together and, as T.I. put it in the Vibe interview, “she means to me what my mother meant to me as a kid.” He added, “Somebody that you know is consistently there, has your best interests at heart, and if ain’t nobody else there in the world, she gon’ be there. Tiny’s filled that spot in my life.à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ 

25 thoughts on “T.I. Discusses Relationship with Tiny

  1. yanne

    i think TI is so hot and deserve better coz shes so ugly, i dnt know hw he chose her , please TI break up with her n get a betta girl

  2. natasha

    IF she so good to him, thn y he keeps gettin himself in trouble?i think she is too ghetto,and i believe he can do better.he needs a realy woman and tht is ME!LOL

  3. Peaches Post author

    lol natasha you killing me, those two are perfect for each other. hell do you really want to be apart of the drama

  4. kay

    was wrng with u boiii u are like soooo on another level and the only level shes on is the ground that i stand on ewwwwww please t.i i beggg youuuu leave her leave her!!! ure sooooooo fitttt:twisted:

  5. victoria

    :twisted:She is UGLY you deserve someone like me in your life! i will please you. your so sexy i wonder how big your dick is. oh baby


    All you girls need to grow the up and maybe the dudes in the hood wouldn’t be locked up so much tring to please immature broads like some of yall. Please ….You all need to start making brother strong, my sisters

  7. grownlady

    Regardless to what anyone thinks as stated in the article above tiny is all t.i has, wants, and need. there are different strokes for different folks so there is no need to hate on his relationship b/c everyone has there ups and downs. My baby daddy people do the same shit to me yall do tiny but she is not responsible for his actions all she can do is be there no matter what and I think that is what he admires most bout her.

  8. monica

    I hink they are cute together no matter how ugly she is its not all about looks as long as he love her for her and she loves him for him than i think they will work out

  9. D.WhiteEagle

    T.i.p. Harris is So Freakin Fine…Whatz He Doing Caught Up With That Nasty Lookin Bitch.!.He Needs To Open His Eyes And Realize How Much Better He Can Do!



  11. mizz gemini

    Okay t.I is hella fine .true true she looks like a hoodrat but she’s got his kids so they got a bond.plus its proably hard dating bitches when u got dough she wuz down from the get go

  12. diezzzelll

    well obviously she got what he lookin for. no more no less. they cute together though, i’m glad he can keep it real. he don’t care what no one think about his girl, cuz that his girl…aint no otha niggaz tryna get wit her

  13. keyona

    I am not saying he shouldnt be with because she is ugly im saying he shouldnt be with her because she is in the relationship for publicity.If he dont see it right now he soon will.I know I definetly wanna be in her shoes but i am not a hater.Im keepin it real.Why ya think she always the one looking at the camera when everybody else aint and why ya think she always put they buisness on the internet.He is a legend he needs someone who is om his level and who can “trust him”!Wait till i get out of highschool.Atlanta here i come!LOL

  14. kieyana

    i’ve read most of the comments and feel people are so shallow and simple minded,its not about looks because he can have the pretiest girl who lacks intelligence and has no sort of personality but tiny ight be the one for him thats why he chose her to be his girl and the mother of his kids so have some respect i dont think you would like someone disrespecting the mother of your child.he loves her so shut up and stop hating because your not with him

  15. kieyana

    also why would tiny be with him for publicity she had her own group exscape and wrote songs even for tlc so she has money..you people get a life and stop hating on her so what she may not have the best of looks but she must be doin something right to have won his heart that is why hes with her and not you gold diggin sluts who want him coz hes good lookin and has money coz if he didnt have fame and money none of you people would be writing so much negative stuff in regards to their relationship

  16. Nanii

    Fala séio hein um cara como esse precisa de uma mulher ao seu lado ,Uma pessoa que o ajude nas horas mais diciceis como na prisão ,Alguem que ele pode confiar e não essa mulher feia ai do lado dele .Eu posso muito bem cuidar de uma pessoa como ele rsrs

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