Chris Brown On The Cover Of Vibe Magazine

Chris Brown Vibe magazine

Chris Brown is on the cover of the latest issue of Vibe magazine. Chris Brown, who’s about to drop his sophomore album, Exclusive, let Vibe magazine in on a few other exclusives about his love life. The magazine’s new cover boy reveals that he’s “girl crazy  very girl crazy,” but there are limits.

For instance, the nude photos that turned up on the Internet in March were not actually him. “First of all, I don’t take pictures of myself,” Brown told the mag. “If I’m gonna show somebody that, I’d rather show the person that’s gonna be in the room with me at that time.” So who might that person be? Not Ciara, that’s for sure.

When asked about her, his face “curls up as if he’d just noticed a foul odor,” Vibe observed. “I don’t want Ciara,” Brown said. “I don’t want any industry girl.” He’d prefer a “regular girl”  that is, provided she’s also “a model.” No wonder he hasn’t had more than two girlfriends (the last when he was 14), or been on a proper date in more than three years.

“I’ve had girlfriends, but it’s different,” he said. “Not jumpoffs! Like, you don’t be like, ‘That’s my girl,’ but you know when you hang with her, it’s like … friends with benefits. If I’m singling out one girl, think about all the other girls who are falling in love with me in that club. What they gon’ think? So it’s like, I have a relationship with every girl. It’s like every girl is my girlfriend.”

The magazine hits newsstands September 11, while Exclusive is out October 30. vua MTV asia

21 thoughts on “Chris Brown On The Cover Of Vibe Magazine

  1. Kelly S.

    Ciara is a cool and humble person and Chris Brown knows that, but why ask a man about getting with his friend’s ex- girlfriend? That would be gross and kniving on his part. I don’t know what Bow Wow did in their relationship to piss her off so much (cheating?) but shes way to mature and would never do that. Plus thats a three year difference- a woman turning 22 year old with a 18 year old. GROSS!

    P.S.: He is looking alittle like Trey Songz there.:grin:

  2. Peaches Post author

    Chris Brown was super hot at the VMA, Best performance on the night, even Micheal Jackson called to congratulate him for his assume performance.

  3. Jakayla

    I wonder what he meant by sinling girls:???:
    Chris looks a little sad on that picture.:sad:
    I stil have love 4 him dough.:smile:

  4. Cherrell McCreary

    He do go with someone and thats me and only me but we dont want to tell no one cuz people be hat’n n he so people can back up please ya can like him but ya he mine every night sorry thanks for trying though

  5. Cynthia McCloud

    I see wat u mean. Cause its hard for a celebrity to find a girlfriend, cause u dont really know if they like you or their just in it for the money and the fame. But some girls really like u but u will never really be able to tell the diffrence.

  6. Mrs.Chris Brown

    oh damn look at himits true tahtits hard to find a girlfriend if ur famous but i would really trully love u

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