TI, lil Wayne and Young Jeezy Untouchable Birthday party

ti-lil-wayne-tiny-birthday.jpgNow isnà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t this sweet TI, lil Wayne and Young Jeezy Hosted the Untouchable party in Atlanta to celebrate there respective birthdays. The event was a star studded affair which included key Rowland who sang happy birthday for the threesome, Dj Khalid, yung Dro, and D wood from Danity Kane. Check out more pictures from the event here.


19 thoughts on “TI, lil Wayne and Young Jeezy Untouchable Birthday party

  1. King@@@@

    omfg!! i seee my boyfriend!! :D:D u kno what i mean :D:D wrrrr he’s sooo nice :D:D sooo fucking hot!! :D:D and he’s the BEST :d

  2. King@@@@

    wrrr u don’t kno peaches??:D LIL WAYNE is my LOVE :D don’t u know that he’s my boy ?? :D:D :D:D that’s ssooo bad :D :cool:

  3. Peaches Post author

    yeah, stupid question to ask, i should know lil wayne is your special friend. yes and the crown cake is Ti cake, because he is tha king.

  4. tiffany

    i would love to have a sweet sixteen party with lil wayne,ti,and jeezy…they would make alot of money if they came down here…

  5. MzJeezyNDallas

    OMG…. JEEZY, Lil Weezy, and Da King T.I…. who could ask for N E thang else. I love these 3 men and “I put that on er’thang” -Jeezy… I’d lick -Wayne like a “Lollipop” and No T.I.- “You Can have Whateva U like”. I’d have to say if I “Had” 2 choose. I’d TAKE without a doubt… JEEZZZZZY, cause I love that MAN. OMG. I Dream about this man whispering the ABC’s in my ear.. LAWD LAWD LAWD.

  6. samran

    yeah lil wayne the best ………ah……….. and he released a new album named “i am not a human being”

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