TI Sons Birthday Party| TI attending the David Letterman Show

Ti son Birthday Party

Atlanta‘s rapper T.I. (Clifford Harris) and Tiny (Tameka Cottle) formerly of the R&B group, Xscape, had a huge birthday party celebration for their three year old son King at their Atlanta home last Sunday. Check out some pictures from the event and also some picture of Ti attending the Late show with David Letterman during the week.

king-clifford-harris-3rd-birthday-party-3.jpg king-clifford-harris-3rd-birthday-party.jpgTi david letterman showti-david-letterman.jpgti-new-york-letterman-show.jpg

18 thoughts on “TI Sons Birthday Party| TI attending the David Letterman Show

  1. sherry

    omg ur soooooooooo fucken cute and u can do way betta den tiny (hint hint ) luvv yahhhhh :lol::smile:

  2. Sandra

    T.I is my favorite Rapper He is soooooooo fugin hoTT…. I wish dat i was wit him ma whole life….. HEz dat best and i dnt even know y heZZ wiTT HeRR….

  3. Amanda

    OMG Clifford Haris III (his 2nd youngest) is the cutest thing on the PLANET!!!!
    i want my son to look lyke that

  4. Mz.Queenz

    T.I. may be so fuckin sexi but all ya’ll need 2 stop hatin’ on Tiny cuz she got 2 T.I. be 4 any of ya’ll did. STOP BEIN’ SOME DAME HATERS.

  5. nikki

    ti u r so sexi i wish u were wit mii
    dat tiny girl can kiss my ass cuz she
    aient nothin like me. u shuld dump
    her ass
    we should spen our life together not tiny
    she ugly and da only reason she fat cuz of the kids.

  6. marnae bell

    ti i love you so much on some real nigga shit idk why all these girl think you like them when you know damn well we is suppost to be together i think about you every night and wonder if one day well be i love fa lyfe

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