12 thoughts on “Trey Songs On The Cover OF Black Beat

  1. Peaches Post author

    yeah true something looks weird with his eyes, he looks really fit though, the tat on his ha is nice.

  2. kieisha bo0

    ;) [[omg]] lukk at mii husband DMAE bae lolz let meeh find out (sike nahh) it lukk lyk yu got dhat gudd gudd **yeah i noh yu doh**.
    smh i got to0 {shake mii head}.
    yu need to0 keep taken piks wit dha shirt off kusz lyk im loven it right now cnt stop looken at it lyk dame trey//hubby doin big things lmao :00000.

  3. tyler

    I’ve loved this man since ”gotta make it” troped. And now to see him look this good on the cover of a magazine he should have been on, is great. Word to trey… kep doing ya thing cause WE STILL ”GOTTA MAKE IT.”

  4. ashley

    omg i love trey songz hes like sooo freaking cute but i wonder whos his girl shout out to trey omg ur so hot

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