Louis Vuitton Gala Celebrating the Murakami Exhibition


There canà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t be a Louis Vuitton party with out the Louis Vuitton don, yeah whatever , anyway Kanye west  and his fiancà©e Alexis Phifer  attended the Louis Vuitton Gala Celebrating the Murakami Exhibition in LA on Sunday. Murakami  is the Designer who designed Kanye west Graduation cover art. Other Guest in attendance include Serena Williams, Kerry Washington, Musicians Pharell Williams and Nigo.


8 thoughts on “Louis Vuitton Gala Celebrating the Murakami Exhibition

  1. natasha

    dont lik wat kanye and alexis are wearing but am diggin pharell, he put it down and serena is not bad either.

  2. Peaches Post author

    hell i dont like the way alexis dress period, every now and then kanye does it real good. Serena keeps surprising me every time i see her.

  3. Cb lover

    i really like what alexis is wearing and i love her shoes but damn kyne and pharell looks :roll: :lol: i dunno what 2 say!!! like freaks :neutral:

  4. anna from italy

    oh god, she’s so ugly… kanye i’m so much hotter than her and i surely love you more than her… she’s so ugly…. god!

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