Chris Brown out and about in Beverly Hills


Chris brown is looking a little stressed and tired in these pictures; I hope the rumours of him dating his manager arenà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t the cause of it.


37 thoughts on “Chris Brown out and about in Beverly Hills

  1. Cb lover

    omg i havent heard this rumor :shock: noooo its not true damn i really think it did effect him alot!!!! omg i cant belive those fuckin haters!!!
    i love chris brown m always there 4 my baby!!! :oops:

  2. Peaches Post author

    Yeap, They claim Chris Brown has been with his manager since he was 16, and now its causing a lot of problems on his tour.

  3. adriana

    i feel bad for him it looks like he is going to cry , he isnt dating his manger gosh she is like 50 years old , thats like him dating his mom , why are ppl so stupid stop spreading rumors

  4. Chris Brown Wifey

    I think every1 shud jus mind dey bizz n leave MY husband alone! (:evil:) I’m gne agree wit Daisy Ppl hatin cuz e rich, famous, SEXY AS HELL, & they jus want to be him…. (:cool:) N Chris, BABY, if u by chance happen 2 read dis jus knw dat you have nothin 2 worry abt! Hatas gne hate & you gne keep bein Chris & da FINE mutha fucka u r!

  5. Baby.Kris

    :???:Man dats ridiculous you should’nt worry about small things dat small pple gots to say cause if they have to lie the must be small and trying to find a quick way to get a couple of dollars so chris if you ever get to read this:wink:which u probably want just knw dat a true fan like me got yo back and dont worry i’m not like most saying im yo girl cause i knw i’m not i just tell them your one of my rolemodels:wink:so keep ya head up high and yo haters down low and keep being the fun and beatiful person that you are love always one of your #1 fan krystal Aka Baby.kris

  6. Antonette

    just stop saying all these rumors about chris because he does nothing to knowbody .So just stop hating and leave him alone.Because chris has a good heart and a weak heart anything can hurt his feeling because all he do is try to give us what we want.And at the same time to do that he has to work to make the video’s for usand keep it together.So all you haters stop hating because your not him and girls are not falling out over you .so chris just don’t worry about it because in the long run that person that keeps on saying rumors about you he or she or they are going to need you and wish that they never said that about you o.k. boo. try to write back at password is 123456

  7. Antonette

    Chris dont worry about nothing because rumors do not mean nothing to all your real fans like me because i’m your number 1 fan.and i want to let you down and i just want you to know if you dont have knowbody else to talk to talk to me Antonette m. bradley . and i want you to know i’m always going be your number 1 fan no matter what so dont worry you always goin to have 1 fan at least and thats me. And remember i was the first to tell you this . if you wont you have a vist to mi sometimes to get away and look me up so we can have some fun if you do come come to Lansing Mi i i go to Otto middle school 8th grade .

  8. Miss Maurice

    chris don’t worry about. worry about how much your females fans loves you tooooooooooooo deaft’ we got your back. I beleive somebody made this up



  10. Ataybia

    life’s filled with lots of ups and downs and talk but u look like one of those ppl that come out with just a scratch.Also u look really handsome in purple.No wonder it’s my favorite colour.

  11. livy

    yeah i think chris brown is fiit and all tht but there is no need to ceep goin on bout him u aint his wife ok soo jus shuut the fuuk up bout it and if chris brown sees this u r 1 of the fiitist guys in the world and i no why ev 1 goin mad 4 ya

  12. i♥CB

    Chris Brown you are AMAZING…. I am always listening to your music. You have your own wall in my bedroom!!! I hope I can someday meet you! I love the goofy video of you on youtube. You are so funny, and I want someone just like you in my life!! I LOVE YOU! ♥♥♥♥

  13. Alek

    Sou do Brasil. Mais mesmo assim amo muito o Chris Brown… Minha vida teria um brilho se eu conhecece elee.. Amoo de Paixãoo mesmo amo as musicas dele e tudo principalmente a gimme thet e run’t …. Sou a Alexsandra …. Obrigado

  14. careliz

    epa chris como andas me facinan tus canciones aqui en venezuela te queremos un buen cuando quieras bienes yo te espero teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee emooooooooooooooo

  15. glorysmar

    hola crhis i love you no chamo te amoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    i marry with you soyyyyyyyy de venezuela ven pa ca. sabes tu eres el unico negro que vale la pena. y de verdad alejate de la sorra de rihana ella solo se esta desaogandose con tigo. por que jayz-z no no le hase caso. ah y por ultimo porfa has un duo con beyonce suena fino………………………………

  16. MissBrownAllDay

    aww poor chris,dont be sad please! when your sad you make all your other fans sad to yo! i love you death and im not just going say im your number one fan cuzi know theres other girls out there sayin there number 1 and stuff like that….but chris why you have too look so danm good?

  17. thamires camille

    i love you…….. chris brown te amu tanto mesmo nao te conhecendo e mesmo que voce nao acredite eu te amu :Se passa não me olha,se olha não me ver se hoje estou sofrendo amanha será você!!mais voce pode ter a certeza que eu sempre te amarei… e eu sei que voce pode ate nao acredita que eu nao te amo mais o que vale é o meu coraçao e isso voce nao vai saber so se me conheçer.. porque eu nao so igual a essas meninas ´ so voce me conhece para voce saber



  19. unique

    i just wanted to say that i been down with chris since he came out and i feel i have a connection with him being his #1 fannnnnnnnn and i just dont want to see him hurt when i seen these pics i just fell apart because he dosent deserve this and he is one of the nicest people you will meet i met him back stage and he was the nicest sweetest cutest guy i have ever met. and i told him i would always have his back and i will just stop saying these childish rumors i got yuor back baby cause i got your heart and your back ang haters keep haten cause you will never be like CHRIS BROWN (GET LIKE HIM)


    i just wanted to say that chris is one of the nicest people i ever met i went to his concert and talked to him and he is really sweet kind respectful and more. i hate how haters keep talkin about him when i heard and seen the pics i literally cried because this is what he gets for being kind and one of the respectfulest artist in the game and for that i got his back i told chris i will always have his back and its true i got my friends back forlife and i wont say that im his girl cause im not but i can say that i am his true friend he might not remeber me but i will always have his back (I LOVE YOU CHRIS AS A PERSON NOT A FAN)

  21. Minelda974

    salut!!je suis vrément fan de Chris Brown,il et trop mignon a regarder!je l’aime lol!!c’est vrément un bogoss,il danse et chante très bien! je le kiff!! jeTaim Chris.b


  22. taylor

    yes he looks sad but i think that his just have a lot on his mind right now, so he doesn’t need you haters talking about him and NO he is so not going out with someone as old as that. right now he needs to know that we love him and we got his back.

    chris what ever you are having problems with it wil get better and you will get through it, do you know why? because God never gives us problems we can’t handle

    Love you Boo x.x.x.

  23. rodrigo junior

    chris brown he is a guy who has so much talent in dance music how to do it and a face lit by God today and very hard to see such a person
    clear that everyone has their faults are not pleased God to all who are human beings to please


    oi! Chris Brown sou do brasil mas te amo muito e adoraria ter uma chance de te conhecer te amo franci

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