17 thoughts on “Justine Simmons and Rev Run New Baby Miley Simmons

  1. Peaches Post author

    they are that old to have a young baby there youngest sun is like 11 -12, its sad that she lost her little baby girl having having two boys. but now she has a girl and i know they will be great parents to there new baby.

  2. Beck

    Awwww, thats so sweet. Im happy they adopted her from the states too. Its nice to see that once in awhile.

    And they aren’t too old to have kids. I think Justine is like 40. I just dont think they wanted to try again for fear of going through what they went through with baby victoria

  3. Crystal Banks

    Congrats to your family. May God Bless You and Keep you. It is so comforting to see us a people living a normal, happy, rich, and Christian lives. The Banks Family adore you. Send us a one of your little annointed-blessed family prayers. Thanks & May God Be With You.

  4. ME

    I’m so happy for them. Espically after losing little Victoria.

    Though obviously it does not, nor should matter that she is adopted. I would have never gussed that she is, she looks like both of them in ways.

  5. destiny

    Congrats on the new beautiful baby angel. God has blessed you with the baby girl you have so patiently waited on. You and your whole family are in my prayers, may God be with you all on your journeys too!

  6. natash upshaw

    that new baby yell goy she is a blessing she is in a family that will all ways be thair that way the picture that yell take she smiling that why i said this. I wish that as my child

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