On The Set: Trina- Single Again


Trina is set to release her new album Still the Baddest February 12, 2008. Check out some pictures of her on the set of her new music video Single again. Whatà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s up with the wedding theme? We will just have to wait and see when the video comes out.

trina-single-again-still-the-baddest-5.jpgtrina-single-again-still-the-baddest-2.jpg trina-single-again-still-the-baddest-3.jpgtrina-single-again-still-the-baddest.jpg

5 thoughts on “On The Set: Trina- Single Again

  1. sheri

    trina my girl you could’nt have came up with a better record you let women know when they break up with there man they sstill can keep there pride an don’t let no man make you look down on yourself because that’s true when they see you with another they want you back they see you all shinning with your other guy.keep the good musicv up peace from the chi-town

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