Leona Lewis visits MTV’s TRL


British singer Leona Lewis visited the Mtv trl studio in New York City yesterday to promote her American version of her hot single bleeding love.


5 thoughts on “Leona Lewis visits MTV’s TRL

  1. styla-1-

    i love dis tine yano n itz gurd so dat all da americans who fink only they got talent can finaily see wat the U.K has lol

  2. jessica

    Hi leona, hope you had fun there your the best singer ever i’d realy like 2 meet you soon.
    You also reamind me of alaxzandra because she looks a little bit like you, but your much prittier tan her.
    I think your in my family i got a poster in a magazine about u love horses like me
    I LOVE U VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!
    Love from 10 year old jessica

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