Xzibit Cut his Hair

It seems like all these rappers are finally out growing there braids and locks, first it was busta rhymes, then you had Wyclef, then ludacris, Bow wow and finally Xzibit. Did i miss anyone out from the list of beardless? thanks lil_ray for the addition of bow wow , to the list. any way according to the rapper

One day I got up and took my braids down and was about to make the call to get it re braided I looked in the mirror and put the phone down and picked up the clippers. I cut my hair myself to a little afro. I gotta tell you after Icut it and took a shower I felt preety fuckin good. After 10 years of braids I felt like it was time. source Xzibit

I must admit the change is for the better , i totally love the new look.

13 thoughts on “Xzibit Cut his Hair

  1. Yohow

    Now we just need Lil Wayne to follow the other rappers’ footsteps :p
    I love Lil, he’s the mayn, but he needs to lose the ‘locks.

  2. Trini Boi

    yea yo Busta Rhymes,Wyclef,Ludacris,Bow Wow,Romeo,Xzibit,Omarion,Trey Songz,Young Buck,Arab (the dude from Soulja Boy camp) & even 50 Cent grew his hair and cut it off but I ain’t cutting ma hair ever again ima grow it until it falls off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

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