Rihanna at the Smile Jamaica Africa Unite tribute concert


Rihanna performed at the Smile Jamaica Africa Unite tribute concert in Jamaica at James bond beach. As you can see Rihanna was dressed boob poppin hot. I guess her ass was not booed this time round in comparison to her last performance in JA. She performed Classic such as bob Marley’s No woman no Cry and her hit Umbrella.


10 thoughts on “Rihanna at the Smile Jamaica Africa Unite tribute concert

  1. Cb lover

    she looks cute but y isnt she preforming in blacck???
    wr is cb is she going 2 dumb him or what?? wasent he there 2 see her preformance??

  2. Peaches Post author

    yes but maybe he was back stage watching, or i need to go and find me some Chris brown performace pictures.

  3. tinie temper

    u no what rihanna is fine and its nice 2 c dat but u guys dont hane 2 put it all over da web dats just bad fink of rihanna as a normal average human coz she is i dont care all “celebs” r normal 2 me day aint nuffin special shout out to rihanna and ignore des haters SeXy!!

  4. Kabangi

    Dont hate on Rihanna for what she does
    since u all kno that most of u cant do what she does or can do

    by the was she need to focus on reggae music
    this urban industry expires too early

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