40 thoughts on “on the set: David banner Featuring Chris Brown and yung Joc- Get Like Me

  1. Zainy

    Gosh he looks too freeesssssh and the swagger jus tops it offf…. cor blimey chris!!

  2. alexandra

    i wait you to greece in nea makri i’s very beautiful than new york . nea makri has got sea cafe club and other cool things :-) wait you

  3. Lovesshimsoo

    Yo Chris why teh hell are you with those hoes??!!
    you are so much better and hotter than them


  4. florence

    oh my God chris u ar such a handsome boy ever. i think God wz in a gud mood wen he wz creatin u. i jst love u boy u ar dem man.

    keep it up baby boy. hope to see u

  5. cheyenne

    they dont look like hoes they r just tired of dancing but chris if u get your homework done ur gonna know wat i got and alot more than that

  6. Marie

    Look girls Chris brown doesn’t read these Comments this is a website just go to his myspace he read those lol
    Chris Brown is hot but he probubly already has a girlfriend!!

  7. Mrs.Brown

    Chris brown i love u so much i think u are so fyrr and tell rehinna i said whats up and my bro love her

  8. patrick

    bung chris brown gua dari papua, gua suka banget ma loe..
    loe mantap bnget ga da yang pele dah..
    yoe, mju truzz yach..

  9. mini

    theyre not hoes……… theyre music video girlss &&&&& y u hate? he not comin after ur ass hahahahahaaa
    chris is soooooo cute…… he doesnt fit wit yung joc OR david banner

  10. mini

    &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& y u guys actn like chris is gana come read these comments bout u ppl telln ur name n age n shit hahahaa foooooooools

  11. Chris

    fucken haters bet dose 2 gurls look better den everygirl haten in dis thread
    loool dumb ass bitches

  12. mrs.brown

    man im happy becaus rihanna got wat she desive because she was up there stacing him before they even went out but i still cant stand that little gir RIHANNA thats wat she got and i take up for him love MRS.BROWN to MR.brown

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