6 thoughts on “Video: G-Unit – Rider

  1. Zainy

    YOOOO that track is hot!! first time hearin it and i love it!!, i normaly hate the techno stuff dat these artists are doin but i’m likin this one!! and fiddy be lookin hot as a general dayyyuuuumm!! (loyd aint to bad either :p)

  2. Cb lover

    its hott, the video is so unique 4 a rap video
    but wr is young buck ma man??????

  3. Cb lover

    say what ??????
    when did that happen and why did it happen?????
    r u serious damn i cant belive it u only hear his music threw them!

  4. Peaches Post author

    happen a good while now, about the same time when 50 cent got the vitamin water deal.

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