Chris Brown at the Auckland’s Vector

Yall thing these two were over hell no Chris Brown and his wife is touring down under currently. those picture of rihanna looking like HAM also include her boyfriend Chris brown preforming at Auckland’s Vector Arena also. here are a few reviews from a fan that went to the concert.

The Concert was amazing! I agree with the others that have written in that I am so glad I was in the seated area away from all the teenyboppers which at times were very entertaining to observe, the excitement of it all totally overwhelming them some looking close to tears and others having to hold each other when Chris and Rhianna came out.

Loved Chris’s show very talented dancer, but Rihanna was what I was there for & her stage set up,band,costumes etc were amazing & really would have to be the best concert I have been too hands down.

Awesome moment would have to be ‘Umbrella’ How smitten did she look! Adorable and his change of lyric to “You can be my Cinderella-ella-ella”! and the way he looked at her there no denying these two are totally into each other.

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  1. Peaches Post author

    lol that boy had those tattoos from he was 17 or maybe even younger he just didnt show it alot.

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