Mariah Cannon Halloween party

Mariah Cannon and Nick cannon Halloween party
First i thought these two were just too damn Corney but they are actually growing on me, he is the cookie box and she is the cookie isn’t that so sweet? they even have matching fire person uniforms. ok that one was maybe a little too far.

5 thoughts on “Mariah Cannon Halloween party

  1. Cb lover

    love kins holloween outfit soo hott 4 da event..
    yes they seem alot in to each other no one whatever thought they will last..

  2. janedickson

    i thank thay are ok cos i realy like both of them . luv it self is thing of the heart that has nothing to do wit the body,ur age or what people say. so u guys don’t have to be boarded about what does envyious people say u guy are as long as u understand each other

    jane 4rm
    in nigeria

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