Monthly Archives: December 2008

Brandy and Ray J Half Brother C-dove

Ray J’s Half Brother “C-Dove” Responds To Brandy’s Comments! “You Should Of Acknowledge That You Have A Half Brother” damn they even have a half sister, Daddy Norwood was sure moving fast back in the days. Next we gonna hear pap Knowles got a free kids that he didn’t claim or whatever.

Video: Lil Wayne Fall Down On Stage

Here is another edition of celebrity busting there ass while performing. remember beyonce slip and sliding down that stairs and busting her ass, but she got up and keep on performing like it was apart of the routine. well weezy aka lil wayne did his own version of when it all falls down, the tight pants version, check it out.

Naomi Campbell vacationing in Maldives

Naomi Campbell
Model Naomi Campbell and boyfriend, Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin, was pictured vacationing with friends in the Maldives. It seems Campbell is enjoying herself as she is seen smiling on this rare occasion. but hell wouldn’t you be smiling with a billi by your side? by the way how does Naomi pull so many billionaires with her crazy self? Continue reading

Sasha Fierce In Elle Magazine

Sasha Fierce
The sexy singer and actress goes face to face with her alter-ego, Sasha Fierce, for a sexy photo shoot featured in the latest issue of Elle Magazine. Beyonce talks about her marriage, career and starting a family with her hubby Jay-Z. blah blah blah we have heard it all before can she please do something or say something interesting like she is preggers. Continue reading