P diddy and son Christian

P diddy kids
P diddy and son Christian was spotted doing a bit of late Christmas shopping. damn christian has grown so much, he looks so much like his playa daddy, i hope he doesn’t grow up to break hearts just like his daddy.

6 thoughts on “P diddy and son Christian

  1. Carol D. Green

    Being a celeb. in an unusual way, how can I gain power over that has been given to me. I find that others find a way to take possesion of what has been given to me, behind my back. Then there is a personal protection, that doesn’t concern me at the monment but when the day comes personal and family protection is needed. Who do I talk to for the matters that concerns me and my boys? I know about how celebs. recieve in many ways and I know I have, but there is a community of scammers who took controle and ran with it especially with even you, other celeb. How may I gain control of it before they learn to take advantage of you, a celeb. There needs to be a stop to the prob. Gvt. invoulved too.

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