Video: Beyonce- Halo and Diva

Halo vs Diva, Beyonce vs Sasha Fierce, which video/song are you feeling the most? i cant stand them both, the videos are so damn weak, plus the songs wasn’t all that great in the first place.



11 thoughts on “Video: Beyonce- Halo and Diva

  1. Nikki

    well i like diva but the part where she blew up the car?? that was in the crazy of love video..wheres the creativity?? nd why are all her videos in black in white??

  2. Peaches Post author

    yes thats what i was thinking also Nikki that, she did that shit in crazy in love with jay-z, so why go and do it again?

  3. brownsuga1

    beyonce is on fiyah like da oda girl sed i like her whole i am sasha fierce halo is a tune da video for it much is better than the diva 1. but i heard that sasha fierce is a demon n i’m not to sure about it. does anyone know about it.

  4. Peaches Post author

    Where did you hear sasha fierce is a demon? i doubt that’s true people like to start shit, beyonce is a christian.

  5. Cb lover

    i love the diva video its sooo hott even da song just never thought b would do these kinda song though.
    halo song is like ok its gd that she had michel elay in it so dat it can br promoted well.

  6. Thickness Squared

    The DIVA video brought that song to lif. The song is a banger in its own right but the video made it even better. You would first have to be apart of the lifestyle in order to appreciate what she is delivering. The explosion is a metaphor for the entire drive of a DIVA which is pure impassioned behavior. Original is the song the rest is appeasement for her fans. The song didn’t need a video. As far as HALO is concerned..Its a beautiful ballad. She captures true feelings in all of her songs. But the only people who can appreciate the music, for more then the mere fact that it is Betonce singing, are deep souls who love to interpret songs and dance. This song is not your typical “you are my angel and you make me great” song. It encaptures the true essence of an Angel.

    All in all…this is a beautiful CD. Give props where props are due.

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