Tyra Banks and her New man John Utendahl

Tyra is currently dating Wall Street banker John Utendahl, who founded the United States’ largest African-American owned investment group. He and Tyra were spotted at the West Hollywood eatery Beso (owned by Eva Longoria Parker) over the weekend. Tyra didn’t crack a smile for the pesky paparazzi, but we hope she’s happy in her current relationship.

10 thoughts on “Tyra Banks and her New man John Utendahl

  1. Ty

    Shes 35 and hes 50 but he doesnt look it which is good. But I think she should do better but her time is running out so if this is the best she can do…

  2. wallis3

    I think she’s a grown woman who can do whatever pleases her.she has her own money so she doesn’t need him for that so do you Tyra!

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