Rihanna at Reggae on the Hill in Barbados

Rihanna barbados
Rihanna was pictured back home in barbados enjoying the sun and having fun, she was spotted enjoying the show at Reggae on the Hill. she later went on stage with reggae artist beenie man to put it down , she had a few nip slip but she looked good, beenie man on the other hand is looking a hot damn mess, damn yack.

4 thoughts on “Rihanna at Reggae on the Hill in Barbados

  1. Tasha

    Beenie is disgusting.. I know. I had to go on tour with him.. He can’t walk after he drinks and smokes his little Jamaican body to hell. Then he starts fights with the band, makes his bodyguard pour his drink, tries to hit on a few people.. then charges you to have your photo taken with him. Boo! That short stuff needs to go to an AA meeting.

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