Tupac Shakur is alive ??

tupac alive
Tupac is alive. We’ve always heard that the late rapper was hiding on some island somewhere, locked in a studio, recording all the music you’ve heard released following the years after this death.

But, that’s all not true. He’s alive, and has been hitting the town.

TMZ obtained a few photos of the Tupac, alive and well, drinking and have a good ole time at Hand Grenades in New Orleans. (Peep the photo)

“13 years after he was shot and ‘killed’ in Las Vegas … a man appearing to be 2pac was spotted in a bar on Bourbon Street last weekend,” TMZ writes in their blog entry. “We were unable to get any sort of DNA evidence — but this photo is good enough for us.”

7 thoughts on “Tupac Shakur is alive ??

  1. Peaches Post author

    lol, i dont know why the guys wanna look like pac, are they scared they will go down like pac.

  2. jrzsfnst609

    I said the same thing, he’s a grown a** man why would he want to go around looking like Pac? I guess this is his game, he probably gets mad a** as a result.

  3. Peaches Post author

    yes he does look like pac, but i went ands search for tupac autopsy and i am sorry i did.

  4. mohyuddin

    man i dont know. i wana belive he is alive but when napolian did a speach he said that i no u lot think hes alive but truthfully he died in hospital that day, so i dont know what to belive now

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