Brandy at LAX

Singer Brandy was pictured getting ready to depart from Los Angeles International Airport recently. she looks super skinny and skin plus that weave isn’t popping.

7 thoughts on “Brandy at LAX

  1. jrzsfnst609

    No she’s looking super skinny, granted she’s been skinny but she looks extra anorexic. Her a** is all sagging.

  2. Nat

    tbh, if u didnt put brandy at LAX i wouldnt of known it was her:s but i think shes looking okay,

  3. mimi

    dat weave looks like it fell on top of her hair and doesn’t even look like a part of her……i’m diggin those pants and dat shirt is awesome

  4. Nikki

    that looks like a wig i’d rather see her in braids like when she was moesha lol and she is looking very thin and unhealthy in these pics

  5. Peaches Post author

    lol, i think the wig is just one of those that she just grab and wear instead of a hat

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