Jojo Simmons arrested for buying weed


The son of legendary rapper Joseph “Run” Simmons of Run DMC was arrested for possession of marijuana on Friday night, according to published reports.

Joseph “JoJo” Simmons Jr. allegedly bought weed and was seen rolling the illegal substance in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, according to gossip news site

Sources within the police department told the site that the 19-year-old was inside a car when he was apprehended.

The sources also charge that he tried to escape by reversing and almost struck a police vehicle.

Simmons Jr. was charged with resisting arrest, attempted reckless endangerment, and criminal use of drug paraphenalia in addition to the possession charge.

No statement has been issued by the Simmons family or a representative.

13 thoughts on “Jojo Simmons arrested for buying weed

  1. mimi

    oh this is terrible, young people these days why do we do this

    and wassup w/ tmz and the police, have they become friends!!!!!

  2. jrzsfnst609

    Damn he doesnt have a homeboy that could buy Ganja for him. They’re freaking rich, i know he could get a local runner to get it lol….I guess he was trying to prove he’s gangsta but clearly isnt not working for him. I know he was boo hooing when he got locked up, sitting in a cell w/ some real killers.

  3. Twin Mom

    Young people don’t seem to realize that life is short and this type of thing will follow him the rest of his life. Weed is only the beginning, no one gets “cracked out” over night. Unfortunately, what they say about the Preacher’s Children is true.

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  5. dmac

    Mah niggahs. Fuck y’all jo jo haters. If u wach the show. U would kn jo jo is a good kid. He proly jst wanated 2 try it jst lyk every1 else so fucc u guys. That shit ain’t funny.

  6. Spoiled Kid Hater


    Is a spoiled punk.

    He’s got his way thru out his life and only care about himself.

    WTF??? He almost ran over a cop…

    Judge sould throw the book at him..

    Stereotypical .. preachers kid…

    Someone should tell Jojo thats a cliche..

  7. amie

    jojo u need a slap to turn u back to the dude who cried when his sisters were leaving not no gangster because trust me if u come to Jamaica n act like that u would die right away because the polices were not going catch u n arrest u they would just shoot at the car until u stop . jojo i have never seen u like that before n only one who is illiterate would say that he’s a rapper so he has to make it his life style a good explanation for why u say thatis bcuz u guys are MENTALLY ILL. jojo u need to stop behaving like that bcuz U can ruin the reputation of u n ur family n i’m not a hatter i’m just a knowledgeable thirteen year who LOVE u and ur family so much that she doesn’t want anyone of u to end up in a situation which can cost ur life. suppose the police had shoot u. boy wake up.

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