Michael Jacksons Kids Un masked

michael jackson kids
Michael Jackson and two of his three kids, Prince,12, and Paris,11, were pictured walking through a studio parking lot in Los Angeles. The kids initially didn’t have their usual masks on, but they later put on their masks after they realized that they were being watched.

15 thoughts on “Michael Jacksons Kids Un masked

  1. cc

    ya know i have always thought this.
    mj, is light (white) skinned, some say vitiligo others says bleaching and excessive surgery,
    but regardless he is a black man, therefore his genes and dna would produce a mixed race biracial child with a white woman,
    ok biracial kids can be varying degrees of colour, but these kids are 100% white.
    they have white features there hair is straight.
    in my opinion, and this is my opinion
    there not actually his children and that could have a lot too do with why he wants too hide them!

  2. jrzsfnst609

    OMG!! CC, I couldnt agree anymore, in fact I said the same exact thing 2 weeks ago when they had them out. Those are kids are straight up white, aint nothing bi-racial about them, nada damn thing.

  3. cc

    if M.J, has vitaligo.. (however u spell it lol)
    is it likely it would then be passed on too his children..
    and then thoose children are completly white, there not patchy at all.
    and then thoose children have no black features, my greatgrandmother was jamican and i dont look white, like they do.
    the little girl, though she is pretty, she has very very delicate features.
    there not his kids biologically.

    and as i said this is my opinion, not anything to do with the website, my own personal opinion

  4. Peaches Post author

    lol 100% white, the jackson gene is so damn strong, look at all his brothers kids, the look mix/black, the kids dont look as if they have any black in them. Michael you are dont the father.

  5. kiki

    well i dont care what anyone says. if michael says that those are his kids i beleive him.luv yah mike

  6. Nicole

    Acutally, Mariah Carey is mixed,Carmen Ejogo is mixed, Jennifer Beals is mixed, Rashida Jones is mixed… do they look “mixed”, no… just because his children could or could not be mixed, doesn’t mean they have to have dark skin. Get some education on bi-racial people…it’s about your heritage, not how dark you come out.

  7. ANGE T

    i totally agree with all of ya except the post saying they are mj’s. any idiot can tell they not his kids, remember people, before the surgery etc, he was very black, so at least 1 of them should be halfcast looking???? Its bleaching pure and simple, stop making excuses for him. Well i guess now the truth will come out,now that he is gone. And there should be no custody battle, they should immediately go to there mum, shouldn’t they??????

  8. toni

    Absolutely..MJ as keep these poor children undercover for years. They will most likely have serious hang-ups. The children are white. I am sure that the media will soon uncover the truth. As of today no one has mentioned it. Most likely the second wife isn’t the mother either. She never showed much materal instinct. Why doesn’t anyone know who the third mother is. This will open up a can of worms.Oh well. He loves children too much!

  9. Peaches Post author

    to be honest the last one looks blanket aka prince Michael Jackson looks a lot like him, and more mix race than these two.

  10. habeeba

    Paris looks biracial, actually both his chdrn look biracial especially if u take in consideration what there mom looks like.I feel sorry that they lost their dad.

  11. You idiots

    Have any of you read the story and seen the pictures of the interracial couple that have twins??? One is white and the other black. One has blonde hair and blue eyes and the other has dark skin, hair and eyes. They recently had another set of twins and the same thing happened! DNA is not an exact science when it comes to what people look like. I have 2 brothers. I have blonde hair and green eyes. One brother has blonde hair and blue eyes and the other has dark hair and brown eyes. IT IS POSSIBLE!!!!

  12. tia

    IN reference to the first comment, In all due respects to your opinion, Biracial kids come in all sorts of shades just because he is a African American male does not necessarrily mean his genes would dominate. Nicole Ritchie is not dark her hair is straight. Speaking as a biracial child I have light green eyes light skin, and wavy hair , My heritage is hatian creole and caucassian. I think they are absolutely beautiful children and I hope they are able to cope with the pain of losing ther father.

  13. Varsha

    I agree with the person called “You idiots” because I know of a boy whose both parents are dark asains had he looks like a white persons child with blonde hair and green eyes so its possible to have white children he isn’t an alibino child nor has anyone skin problems. Also remember that Debbie Rowe a white woman is the mother of two of these children so it is possible. Also if you look at Prince Michael II or “Blanket” he has black hair and he has black eyes so it is possible. Remember that Michael Jackson had ancestors who where white on both sides of his family. The most dominate facil features are passed on to the child so eveything is possible look at the Hodgson twins.

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