Rihanna out at Scalinatella in NYC

Rihanna chris brown court case
Rihanna was pictured out at Scalinatella in NYC, it was announced earlier yesterday that the details regarding the Rihanna/Chris Brown assault case will not be broadcast to a television audience.According to the LA Times, “a judge has denied media requests for cameras in the courtroom for Monday’s preliminary hearing – although sketch artists will be permitted to draw the proceeding.”

2 thoughts on “Rihanna out at Scalinatella in NYC

  1. Angel

    Some how i think she has lost her shine i can’t quite explain it but before i wud veiw her old pics more than once now i veiw them once and dat is it,her dress code and look is jus not the same anymore and sum 1 else may digg it but i don’t.(STILL LIKE HER DOA,NOT HATIN R ANYTHING JUS BEIN TRUE)

  2. Cb lover

    i dont think they would even allow cameras inside the court room its just not right..
    what the hell is that shoes??

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