Ciara get blasted by ex stylist

Ciara ex-stylist Shirlena Allen is telling anyone who will listen to tell them how wack she thinks Ciara’s new cut is and that she is the one that styled Ciara’s hair for the beauty shots that have been circulating the web.

Sorry to say Ciara’s pic in short hair Kiyah did not do , I did the photo shoot with Derek Blanks. Now the one with her and Kiyah ,is Kiyah’s work. Two different styles , the wig used and work on the photo shoot she doesn’t even want to pay me for for , let alone I ask for the wig back a year ago, she says she cant find it. There is a huge difference in work, mine’s is a little more sexy. She has no identity. Still trying to find a look

The pics of Ciara on the post for her twitter is my work, the beautiful makeup head shot was done a year ago in Atlanta, that other crap is Kiyah, wack . Please make a correction. We spent hours trying to find this child a look and she still bites and don’t listen to a list . She’s a year behind all of it . Crazy !, she would have been rocking it all before all if she listen ,now she looks like a knock off

2 thoughts on “Ciara get blasted by ex stylist

  1. tenaelove

    that s*&t is wack! and she look like a dude!!! she need 2 get a real job cause her music career is dead, but at least she got 50cent

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