Kelis gave birth to her first child a son

Kelis gave birth to a son
Singer Kelis gave birth to her first child a son yesterday July 21 2009. Allegedly the singer didn’t allow soon to be ex husband Nas witness the birth:
Nas’ lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan stated that Nas rushed to the hospital to witness Kelis deliver his first son today (July 21) but unfortunately he was not allowed to be present,” While this is clearly heartbreaking to him, Nas continues to offer his support and love to his new baby boy and his mother.”

Nas and Kelis were due in court today in regards to their pending divorce, specifically child and spousal support.

The date had to be postponed when Kelis, born Kelis Rogers , went into labor, around 10:30 this morning.
Damn this was damn harsh, even though they are having there problems with this divorce, she should have let the man be present for the birth of his first son, this is getting way too messy, i wouldn’t have thought these two would be going at it this way.

4 thoughts on “Kelis gave birth to her first child a son

  1. jrzsfnst609

    Now that’s wrong, despite whatever beef they have, I bet she wont turn down that dinero..

  2. dianan

    It might not even be Nas child so why the hell is he wilding out about seeing the baby born.

  3. Fatimah

    Nas, I am a big fan and I support you. I am happy you are being supportive to your wife and child, but please get a blood test.

  4. Confused

    I just don’t get it. You file for divorce. You won’t let him see the birth. Yet you give his beautiful baby his name. What’s going on here? A little confused. Although I know it’s none of my business. But… Sigh.

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