Beyonce Knowles Ex-Boyfriend Lyndell Locke Speaks

Beyonce ex boyfriend Lyndell Locke
Beyonce’s ex-boyfriend, who is currently working as a chef in Houston.His name is Lyndell Locke and he’s 29. He was asked various question about, his relationship with beyonce whether they had a sexual relationship and if the rumors are true that she was pregnant and had a abortion. Check the interview below:

SG: Now, we have heard many rumors surrounding your relationship with Beyonce and Im hoping you can clear some of them up for us. Firstly, what are you doing with yourself at the moment?

LL: Well, I am currently still living in Houston and working as a Chef. I am extremely passionate about my job and I love what I do. I have a good family and good friends so I couldnt ask for anything more than that. Life is good!

SG: Glad to hear that. How did you meet Beyonce?

LL: We were very young in our teens. From the same area in Houston. We knew each other a long time. We were very close and very good friends. (silence)

SG: Ok, Define friends.

LL: (laughs) We would go out together, I would take her to the movies or we would eat out. Normal things teenage kids do. It was “puppy” love.

SG: So you were in love with Beyonce?

LL: Love is a strong word for a teenage relationship but we were very close and I cared ALOT about her. I still do.

SG: Are the rumors true that you got Beyonce pregnant and she had to have an abortion?

LL: You know, when I heard this rumor I was really upset by it. Unfortunately, at the time I was not able to speak on it and people were allowing the speculation to go around. Beyonce as far as I know did not have an abortion.

SG: So you and Beyonce did have a sexual relationship?

LL: No comment

SG: (laughs) Ok I think you answered that already. When you say you were not able to speak on things, what do you mean by that?

LL: I watched Destiny’s Child grow, I knew all the girls and I saw them progress. I was there when they got their first deal, when they rehearsed. I was a close member to the family even though some people didnt approve of me being there. The DC Empire looking back now was very cleverly orchestrated and every member of the team was under a microscope. Whether that was on a personal or working relationship. Anyone close to those girls, espeically Beyonce at that influencial time in her life was a threat. It was all about Focus, Focus, Focus. Apparently, boys don’t equal focus which I kind of understand.

SG: Who were some people?

LL: Im still not allowed to say. But trust me there was and still is.

SG: You sound slightly bitter about the situation.
LL: I am slightly. I am sure if other people do not get involved Beyonce and I would still probably be together. At least be in contact.

SG: So you dont speak to Beyonce anymore?

LL: No, we have not spoken in a long time. I see her family sometimes around Houston but it isn’t what it was.

SG: I get the feeling you were warned off.

LL: I dont really want to make any further comment on it.

SG: Ok. When you see Beyonce and how popular she has become how does it make you feel?

LL: Well obviously I am pleased for her. I think she has done amazingly well, just as much as the other girls. I knew LaTavia, LeToya and Kelly. They have all done so great. I wish them nothing but success. They are doing what they thrive off and so am I. I wish them nothing but good health and happiness.

SG: So you dont look at Jay-Z and be like “Oh that could have been me”

LL: (laughs) Not at all. I am in a very happy place in my life.

9 thoughts on “Beyonce Knowles Ex-Boyfriend Lyndell Locke Speaks

  1. beyoncefan432

    this nigga is lying his dick off he kno dmn will he look at jayz and be like that could of been meh lol

  2. beyoncefan432

    this nigga is lying his dick off he kno dmn will he look at jayz and be like that could of been meh lol

  3. faith

    Well bad for you dude. why didnt you fight when they were trying to shield you from being close to her. you just lying Beyonce cannot be at heartless to leave you. Anyway you lost your chance

  4. faith

    next tym you cook up such a lie. think twice and try to look clean. nowanda she left you dude

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