16 thoughts on “Bow Wow kissing Tyra Banks.

  1. Peaches Post author

    why was he even on the Tyra bank show? does he have a movie? hell it cant be because he just signed to cash money.

  2. shavon

    stop hating i love tyra and bow wow it dont matter how old or young you are they would be cute together if anything happens

  3. BowWowIsMyMan

    hello if you watch the show u will see that tyra was he one who said she wanted to kiss bow wow

  4. Shaniqua

    Its not that big of deal I feel, it was their decision to kiss and if anything else happens then it just does…so err body else leavin negative comments need to shutup cuz age ain’t nun but a number.

  5. melody

    yes tyra did wanted to kiss bowwow so much dearly so it happend right on her show too so all the other people out there in the world you need to stop hateing and i mean it too ok.

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