Pictures of Chris Brown House/Room

chris brown room house
Chris Brown posted some new pics of his graffiti filled house to his Twitpic account recently. damn that closet is house, plus it looks like a department store.

16 thoughts on “Pictures of Chris Brown House/Room

  1. kaye

    Peaches i so totally agree with you. it’s so much ashame one person with too feet cant possible find time to wear so many sneakers,but you see when you got your LOTS of money you tend to do whatever only the wise invest and save for rainy days ahead. and it seems as if he’s a cartoon freak like myself lol, if i should ever had my room like that whenever i get up in the night i would get and instant cardiac arrest having all those pretty cartoon staring back at me i would be dead by now LOL. but he needs to stop buying all those shoes cause he cant wear them all i can bet that he soon have to give away most cause they’ll soon get tight on his feet and they’ll also dry-rotten…

  2. Tommy

    I heard his feet are sexy for a guy!?!? Is that true? I have to admit, Chris Brown has one of the cutest faces and sexiest lips anywhere!

  3. lykeishia

    Chris Brown got mega maddd shoes & clothes…well he’s famous & we all know he luvz sneakz so why not have a lot of watchu luv?….he’s cool,sexiest lips in life…he is everything a girl like me wud want….I wud luv 2 take a nap in his bed!!

  4. lykeishia brown

    i love Chris brown sooooooooooooooo much ! das why im mrs.brown && when its all sed && donee imaa be hiss #1

  5. lykeishia brown

    && i lovee yur housee babeyy madd sneakerss das howw i like my boyss, wen dey gotta lotta sneakerss dat mean dey freshh , i wud say fly bhut flyss 4 da birdss

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