Rapper Ti release from Jail

Rapper Ti has left jail after 7 months of incarnation, his solicitor confirmed. The Rapper/actor, whose true name is Clifford Harris Jr, will serve what’s left of a reduced sentence in a correctional center near Fulton County airfield in Atlanta, Georgia. Harris was sentenced to a year and a day in March 2009 caused by weapons charges related to buying machine guns and silencers. Officers charged him with providing a bodyguard with $12,000 to buy weapons. Was placed on house arrest, given community service and was ordered to pay a $100,300 fine. It wasn’t the 1st time the platinum-selling artist had been in difficulty with the law. Harris wasn’t allowed to have any guns because he’d been convicted in 1998 on transgression drug charges, possession of crack cocaine with desire to distribute, in Cobb County in suburban Atlanta. After the rapper’s arrest, he entered a plea agreement, which authorities called unique as it let him to stay out of jail for a year while he performed community service. Harris is expected to stay at the halfway house for 3 months and will continue to be needed to end serving a touch less than five hundred hours of community service and about twenty-three days of home incarceration.

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