P diddy son Justin Combs sweet sixteen birthday party

Justin Combs Sweet Sixteen birthday party
Justin Combs, son of rap mogul P. Diddy and stylist Misa Hylton celebrated his SUPER Sweet 16 over the weekend at New York City’s M2 Nightclub. The theme for Justin Combs birthday part was “I Am Prince” (Based off of Diddy’s “I Am King” campaign) and Justin Combs brought rapper, Nicki Minaj as his “princess”/date. They proceeded to sit on their thrones after their arrival, and Nicki Minaj performed as well. Justin received a $10,000 check, and donated it to Yele Haiti, Justin also receive   a Maybach. yes a a Maybach.

4 thoughts on “P diddy son Justin Combs sweet sixteen birthday party

  1. raven

    omg ur sweet 16 birthday was so cool and ur cute and i also like ur car but i cant believe ur date was nikki minaj im a big fan of her but u seem like a cool person 708 513 9679

  2. sequoyah

    i loved your party justin but most of all i love you i wish i can just meet you for one day if you really get these messages then that would be cool but i know you dont so its worth a try but i would really love to meet you 404 914 2394

  3. Just a thought

    You live in a dream world

    Earn some respect: graduate as valadictorian of your high school. Do clinical research. Get published. Use some big words coherently.

    Work in a dog-eat-dog world where you don’t need to eat anyone to get ahead. Cuz you already are. Imagine going to research analyst position interview at a Fortune 500 in a Maybach? AND THEN ROCKING THE FUCKING INTERVIEW …

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