Chris Brown Still mad that Rihanna Dumped him!

Most celebrities fail to realize that once you put something out there in the Twitter world, you can’t take it back! Not even if you hit the delete button. Too bad no one has taught that lesson to Chris Brown, who is apparently still pressed by the fact that ex-girlfriend Rihanna is more successful than him and that the general public still views him as a fake crying woman beater, but that’s neither here nor there. Rihanna took to twitter today to announce she’s taking over her twitter account tweeting:

Really? Like are you really still that upset by the situation? Any even if you were, lets not forget who the convicted one is in this situation. It comes as no surprise that Brown then deleted the tweet. If you have enough balls to throw the shade, then stand by it.

One thought on “Chris Brown Still mad that Rihanna Dumped him!

  1. Vanessa

    I find it funny the author of this little comment seems to have drawn the line in the sand and it is clearly obvious whose side you are on. First of all, we don’t know who that tweet was meant for and if it was meant for her then so what? Ontop of that, we still don’t know why Rihanna got into what she got into, so stop acting like that man ain’t human and can’t lose his temper. Shit happens and it is over with. Just like you just got on him for not being over the little situation, which will apparently follow him around for the rest of his life because of bloggers like you, you need to get over it as well.

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