NeYo is not cool with Chris Brown

While in London Ne-yo explains why he isn’t feeling Ushers current sound, how much he rates Trey Songz and reveals he is no longer friends with Chris brown.

what do you thing about Chris and his place in R&B?

“He was, he was and he made a mistake and you know what, me and Chris are in a place right now and it has nothing to do with music , its a personal thing, i have no comments with Chris, i am going to let Chris be Chris and i will be Neyo and, never will it be said that Neyo said anything about Chris brown, its a matter of people evaluating who there real friends are.”

Neyo and Chris Brown got into it when NeYo decided to crash Chris birthday party in Miami(you know the party was at the club where Chris entourage supposedly got into a fight with the security guards) that’s when their friendship started going downhill.

To all Chris Brown fans: Any problem between me n’ Chris is a person thing between friends. Beef or no beef, it’s still luv. Haters fall off.

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