Kanye West Nude Photos For Sale?

Brace Yourselves for Yeezy’s Dick Pics!

Ever wondered if the size of Kanye West’s ego is an indication of the size of his wooha? Well, the world will get the chance to size up the outspoken rapper’s manhood, if a new scoop from RadarOnline.com is to be believed.

Word on The Curb has it that at least two snaps of Kanye bucket-naked are thisclose to be sold to the highest bidder and leaked for public consumption. Now when we say “leaked,” that usually suggests some sneaky ex is trying to make a buck by betraying the sacred trust between the naked texter and the horny textee. But in Kanye’s case, there was never any doubt these pics weren’t going to end up in the public eye — since he sent them out en masse to a ton of women on MySpace!

Spywitnesses-in-the-know claim that in one of the photos Kanye is wearing nothing but his sunglasses and gold chains, while in the other he’s discreetly “peek-a-booing” out of his boxer shorts

Lawd have mercy…

“These pics have been floating around since he hit so many girls up on MySpace. He probably sent them to many, many women,” a source tells the site.

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