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Kanye West and Amber Rose at Givenchy Fashion Show

Amber Rose Kanye West
Kanye West and Amber Rose attend the Givenchy Fashion Show during Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture S/S 2010 on January 26, 2010 in Paris, France. Singer Ciara also attended the show However photographers on the red carpet boo’d her because she did not only show up late but did not allot much time for photogs to take a pic of her on the carpet. Diva antics much? Continue reading

Amber Rose in Complex Magazine

Amber Rose
Amber Rose is featured in the latest issue of Complex Magazine you can check out a snippet of her interview below where she talks about her childhood, how her face is on blogs 24/7 and Kanye West and you can also view the photo shoot below.

Complex: You’re a Philly girl. What was your childhood like?
Amber Rose: I grew up in South Philly. I grew up very poor with a single mother. My mother is a waitress, and she raised me on a waitress salary. I went to a Philadelphia public school. I’ve been in Philly my whole life, but obviously I’ve traveled in between. I was definitely not in the suburbs, I was in the inner city of South Philly. Continue reading

Amber Rose bored with Kanye West

I am sure this is the other way round, kanye is bored with her ass and is already chasing other chicks.

“A friend of mine in Philly is friends with Miss Amber and claims that Amber is tired of Kanye. She says that Kanye calls her looking for Amber when he can’t reach her himself. My friend says that Amber says there is no more chase. Kanye tells Amber how many girls would die to be in her place and tells her to do this and that. She also says Kanye wakes Amber up and says, ‘I’m ready to have sex.’”

Kanye West and Amber Rose Out At The Sunset Plaza

Kanye west and girlfriend Amber Rose
Wohoo Kanye West finally cut the shit off his head, damn its so nice an refreshing to see Kanye bring the sexy back. Its a damn shame though that he has that amber mess by his side, she is so not cute/pretty, plus she likes to suck on those cancer sticks. Any how the two was pictured shopping At The Sunset Plaza n Hollywood. Continue reading