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Chris Brown and Rihanna Dating Proof


Ok finally we can say for a fact that Rihanna and Chris Brown are defiantly dating. This picture is definite proof that these two singers have hooked up. Chris Brown and Rihanna were pictured Relaxing in the pool after a leisurely lunch yesterday at the Hilton Kingston Hotel in Jamaica. They were hanging out with friends and at about 3 p.m., Chris, 18, jumped into the water and waited while Rihanna went to her room and changed into a bikini.

She came back and was very scared of getting her hair wet, said the spy. “They were floating together with him carrying her and she kept saying, ‘Don’t get my hair wet.’ She was very soft and feminine but he was a big kid and splashing around.” source pagesix.com

Sorry CB fans, but he has a new woman in his life. Continue reading