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Video: Michael Jackson Rehearses “Human Nature” For “This Is It” Tour

A teaser from Michael Jasckson‘s “This Is It” movie. The documentary will chronicle the King of Pop’s rehearsals for what was to be his big come back concert series at London’s O2 Arena.

The latest bittersweet clip features a very thin, yet magical MJ rehearsing “Human Nature” from his landmark album, Thriller. Though he looks very frail, he never skips a beat practicing his much-imitated dance moves, and his voice was as strong as ever.

Omer Bhatti is Michael’s Jackson Secret Son???

Joe Jackson has confirmed that a 25-year-old aspiring rapper from Norway, is actually Michael Jackson’s fourth child.

In an interview posted on NewsOne.com, Joe Jackson talks about Omer Bhatti and told the reporter that he knew Michael had another child.”Yes, I knew he had another son, yes I did,” Jackson said in the video. Continue reading

Janet Jackson offers to raise Michael’s kids

Janet Jackson, Has allegedly offer to raise the kids of her brother the late king of pop Michael Jackson.”Janet has said, ‘I love them and I’ll step forward and raise them if this is what they want.’ She tells everyone she loves them as if they were her own.”The children have chosen her as their confidante and mother figure, and Janet feels her place is at their side. She’s completely bonded with those children in the last two weeks.
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Michael Jackson didnt want to be white he had vitiligo


I wanted to put a few rumors about the late king of pop to rest, you have many people saying he bleached his skin because he wanted to be white and he hated being black. But thats just pure ignorance, he had said in the pass that he suffers from a rear skin disorder called vitiligo which is a disorder that causes depigmentation in patches of skin. It occurs when the melanocytes, the cells responsible for skin pigmentation which are derived from the neural crest, die or are unable to function. The precise pathogenesis, or cause, of vitiligo is complex and not yet fully understood. There is some evidence suggesting it is caused by a combination of autoimmune, genetic, and environmental factors. It is also common in people with thyroid disorders. You can view images of michael below showing the vitiligo. Continue reading