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Nick Cannon on the Cover of Jet Magazine

Isn’t this a surprise cover issue for Nick Cannon! He and his Wife Mariah Carey has been pretty low key lately. But anyhoo Mimi boy toy had this to say too all the haters in his recent interview with JET magazine.

Nick Cannon laughs when people call him “Mr. Mariah Carey,” even though he’s been married to his wife, Mariah, for two years now. The self-professed “entrepretainer ” -an entrepreneur first and entertainer second -is certainly accomplished in his own right. He became a millionaire at 15 and is the CEO of his own multi-media company, NCredible Entertainment and chairman of the Teen Nick television network. “That type of stuff is humorous to me,” he tells Jet. “If I were an insecure individual or if that was true, that type of statement -that I’m a ‘boy toy’ or ‘yes man’ and all that type of stuff -would bother me. But anybody who knows me or talks to me for five minutes knows clearly that’s not the picture.”

Eminem – Bagpipes From Baghdad – Eminem vs Nick Cannon

Eminem Goes In On Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey On His New Track! “Nick Cannon You Prick. I Wish You Luck With The F*ckin Whore” & Now Nick Declares War On Em!.
After Nick Cannon heard Eminems new song. He wrote a blog declaring war on Eminem! Nick reports “I’m taking full action on you Eminem. I don’t know why no one has stood up to your bitch ass yet. But I guess it’s going to take a corny, wack rapping, boy toy from Nickelodeon to set you straight. And trust, I am going to be relentless. Even though I got a lot of other obligations and occupations, you are my new full time job “homey”! As a matter of fact I think you going to bring my wack rhymes out of retirement! That’s right haters; you can thank Eminem because I’m going to start rapping again! LOL Just for him! And don’t forget about the jokes! We coming at you hard body!! Non-stop on your Manic-depressive-Insecure-Maclovin-Nazi- Liza Minelli haircut havin-lookin ass!! [Pause] That’s what I do all day Bitch! So Miss Marshall, I’m going to make you wish you never spoke my name and regret the ungodly things you said about my wife. This is going to be fun! It’s however you want it! Just remember, you did this to yourself! Your legacy has now been tainted from this day forth! You will now be known as the rapper who lost to Corny-ass Nick Cannon!!! ”
Nick also released the photoshop photo of eminem

Screening of “Tyson” at the AMC Loews

Tyson, Coco Camel toe
Coco and her camel toe was in attendance at at Ex boxing champs Mike Tyson Sony Pictures Classics’ screening of “Tyson” at the AMC Loews Monday night in New York
City.other celebrities attending the event included Mario, Nas, Nick Cannon and more. Back to COCO and her Camel Toe, like damn she must have no feeling there cause that sure looks uncomfortable. Continue reading